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Carpenters Wife side of the Desk

Fall is almost here and where did the Summer go? Thought I'd start a blog from the carpenters wife desk to keep you all up on what we have happening around here! We have been busy this Summer and have been working on several projects including a large addition to Jansen's Heating and Air in Effingham IL ! Come check it out and while your in town and talk to them about a new HVAC! They have a great staff and pricing. We will be posting pictures soon so be sure and follow us on facebook! I am actually doing the kitchen and new counter top for this project as well.

Some of our other projects we have going is flipping a home for a couple in the Mulberry Grove area as well as a dry wall job to improve a homes attic space in Altamont. We have kept busy in the bathroom remodeling as well and currently working on an all inclusive, dual back to back,bathroom with a complete gut and remodel. This is where Renovating Spaces (me) and Lash Co (Mark) make a great team! We put our talents together and make and awesome easy project for the client. I love picking out all the details and designing the space and of course Lash Co comes in and makes it all happen! Wa la!

Do you have a project you need to schedule for Fall? Get on our list because it looks like we are going to get full for the year and fast! Hope to hear from you soon! We have a great website and facebook page so check it out!

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